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Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the the forum for the North American Truck Camper Owners Association.

1)You do not have to be a member of this club to participate here, however if you are not, there are sections that are invisible to you and you are restricted in the number of posts you may make per day. You also have very limited usage of the photo gallery.

2) Manufacturers & dealers are welcome to post here. Many are members of this organization.

3) Partisan politcs are not permitted. We may allow some leeway on political posts especially if they relate to camping or impact RV'ers. If in doubt, ask a moderator first.

4) We do not permit name calling, insulting of other members or that sort of thing. Keep it civil. We may not tolerate posts from posters with an axe to grind against NATCOA or its officers, or forum staff, and reserve the right to move, edit or delete said posts. Use the section described below if you have an issue with NATCOA or the administration of this forum.

5) You will notice a section under discussions where you can have a PRIVATE conversation with Forum Admins, moderators or NATCOA board members regarding policy or complaints. Only you & those aforementioned individuals can read your thread.

6) Please note that we will not honor any requests to have all of a posters posts, removed from the forum. We will honor a request to remove individual specific posts. We will also honor any request to delete a member, but the posts that individual has made in the past will remain on the forum. Paid NATCOA members have the ability to delete their own posts.

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