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Help Topic: How do I post pictures into a post?

There are 2 ways to post pictures.

Method 1:

Every user has a certain amount of storage space on the Forum. NATCOA Members have more than ordinary registered members. For this reason it is important that you reduce the picture size as much as possible. There are 2 ways to do this & they are outlined in another help file "Reducing Image Size". Once your image has been reduced, you need to look for the box at the end of the post, labeled "File Attachments". Browse for your picture file here, and select "Add Attachment". You're not finished. You will find the box replaced with the attachment & you have to select "Add into Post". The picture will appear in the post as a clickable thumbnail.

You may also use this method to attach a file.

Method 2: If you can store the photo on another server such as photobucket. Simply add the image into the post using the symbol for attaching photos. It has a picture of a tree on it.

Method 3: Open up an account in the Gallery (see link button above banner ad). you may store photos there. Select the photo. On the right you will see a link you can copy & paste. NATCOA members have unlimited photo storage, non members are limited to 2000 K and must upload to the misc section in the gallery.

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