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us citezens test

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Posted 24 April 2007 - 11:08 AM

Okay, I got 15. Seems I don't know enough about the states yet, got any grants that would assist a lowly Canuck in his quest to "FUEL" exploration.
By the way the Canucks just finished smokin Dallas. Anaheim here we come.

BTW, glad to see the Canucks win also. Too bad two ex-Avs combined (Forsburg and Kariya) on the game winner for the Predators (second to last game of the year) or the Flames wouldn't have been in at all. :happy0064: It sure was an amazing stretch of hockey played by both the Flames and the Avs at the end of the season. I was also glad to see Super Joe get another 100 point season in his, what 18th season? That's more than Lemieux, Gretzky, or Bret Hull at that age. Only Gordie Howe scored over 100 at 37 or older....

Can't help with the fuel, you might check over in Alberta!
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Posted 24 April 2007 - 12:04 PM

27/30 US
70% Canada

My father was born in Quesnel, after all....


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 09:54 PM

I have to admit that I only got 23 of the 30 on the US test, but at least the 23 questions I got right were less of a trivia nature. (I don't really think it is all that important to know where a president was born vs what they did while in office)
Regarding knowledge and schooling:
In general I believe that education has taken a back seat to entertaining ones self. When school budgets interests are more on sports fields than that of a decent science lab, library or reading program then you have problems.
The same is true for adults out in the world. How many people read to enrich their lives by learning, and how many pick up fiction to satisfy their fantasies.
Current mindset in the USA is not being well versed in world events, practical knowledge or even good horse sense. The focus is mindless drivel. Just look at what we watch on the BOOB tube. (perfect description) The most popular vein of television production is now "reality" shows? What a joke... there is no reality in them.
Scripted shows that are challenging the mind and entertaining at the same time are few, and those with any meaningfull messages even less so.
Dancing with the stars... You could watch the soap bubbles in the front loader washing machine and get the same "fluff".
The big hook to these programs is that they entice you to believe that what the audience thinks actually means something to them... only if whether or not you watch the commercials and buy the products.
As adults we are mimicked by the youth we raise, and as such when the adults sit evening after evening pouring into their brains mindless pursuits to blank out the work a day world, what do you expect to produce in offspring?
People giving value to TRUE education has been diminished as the affluence allowed by progressive generations of those who actually achieved it, were lost with a break from the hard work required to sustain a simple life. This is especially true of the baby boomers who discovered "wealth and ease" due to in large part their forefathers extremely harsh life and wish for the offspring to be educated well in order to have things better.
Use Paris Hilton as an example. The wealth she possesses has come from the fact she is a heiress, and she couldn't hold down a job to save her life with the exception of using her "fame" to her advantage. Take her, put her in a world where nobody knew her name and could care less, take away her family wealth and watch her resort to probably selling herself to survive. I give her credit in that she does use her "fame" to her advantage.
But by the same token anyone who gives her the time of day needs therapy.
It is absolutely amazing the amount of energy spent by humans today idolizing people who quite frankly are not worth crossing the street to meet. Seems like either the planet is getting more stupid, or the stupid just reproduce faster.
The decadence that was Rome and lead to its downfall is being done once again. This occurs because nobody is interested in learning from the past, in fact is anyone really interested in learning much at all?
Something besides how Anna Nicole died, who the real father is, what team is in the best position to win, and who just won American Idol...
Just when did we stop trying to enrich our lives and start substituting other things for actually living.

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Posted 04 May 2007 - 06:20 AM

You must have bumped into a lot of people coming the other way, doc. When I went to university up here in 68, every second student was a draft dodger. from the US.

I did
The childrens' mother insisted we move to the states for "warmer" weather.
I got a real scare when I duetfully registered with the draft board and got a 1A. :fing32:
Fortunately my 12 years in the Canadian Army got me out of going to Vietnam

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Posted 04 May 2007 - 01:28 PM

I thought. What the heck, so I had a go. I got 17 . Thats probably ok for an aussie.

When we were on Holiday in the Us during the 2000 Olympics, we were at a sports bar and asked the waitress if she could put on the openig ceremony for the Olympics. She replied. Oh are they on? Where are they being held? I replied, Sydney, Australia. She said. "what state is that in" I was completely dumbfounded. True story.
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