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2018/2019 short bed F150 purchase -- what options to order for truck camper

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Posted 06 November 2018 - 08:10 AM

Late winter, I will be considering a purchase of a new F150. It will have 4x4 capability with a short bed. What sort of options should I consider prior to purchase to insure my new truck can safely carry a short -bed capable truck camper that DOES NOT have a slide.


Any info would be most appreciated! I have owned 4 motorhomes but this will be my first truck camper purchase. I am looking at LANCE.


Thanks in advance!



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Posted 11 November 2018 - 12:24 PM



I haven't got experience with that particular truck, but this past summer I noticed that they are being used with truck campers by some of the RV rental companies up here in Canada with Northern Lite campers.  NL makes models that will even fit Tacomas, etc.


When we were getting started 11 years ago, we started doing our research on buying a used unit, and the rental places were pretty high on either Northern Lite, or Bigfoot from a weight rating.  Northern Lite actually weighs the completed camper before it leaves the factory, and its actual dry weight with all the options is written down inside the camper.  That way, you actually know what you are putting in the back.  Some truck manufacturers put a sticker in the glove compartment that state the weight of the camper that can be put in the back.  You may want to check if Ford does this.


I'm a big fan of just phoning the camper manufacturer.  They generally aren't that talkative, but they will answer some key questions correctly, and size their product to your truck properly.


Being more honest than I probably should, the reason that you probably aren't getting a huge amount of discussion on this, it that the weight rating on the new F150 is suggesting that it can haul a bigger camper than some 1 ton trucks.  I guess most of us here are somewhat skeptical.  But again, the best and most up to date advice would come from someone that works full time in the camper industry.


Especially if there are just two of you, this could be a good approach.  I've seen some very cool rigs all the way down to Tacoma size trucks, so keep asking questions, and read all the articles on this website about sizing and weight.  For example, in general, you can assume that you are going to haul around at least 1,000 of propane, water, and "stuff".  Do a search on "weight" and "loading" for historic articles.  This has be debated to death here between all of us.


Good luck.

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Posted 12 November 2018 - 03:23 AM

I am also one of those people that are skeptical that half tons are suitable for use with truck campers.  That said, you can find the 2019 Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide here:




Pages 11 and 12 deal with Truck Campers.  It looks like you need to order the Heavy Duty Payload Package (option code 627).




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