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Poll: Gun Poll (89 member(s) have cast votes)


  1. I'm American & have a handgun in my TC (52 votes [58.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 58.43%

  2. I'm American & have no handgun (29 votes [32.58%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.58%

  3. I'm a Canadian breaking the law & have a handgun (1 votes [1.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.12%

  4. I'm a wimpy law abiding Canadian, no handgun (6 votes [6.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.74%

  5. I'm a Canadian. I arm myself on crossing the border (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  6. I'm Canadian licensed to carry a handgun & do. (1 votes [1.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.12%

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#81 OFFLINE   RedneckExpress


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Posted 24 July 2006 - 01:11 AM

Heh, with the descriptions of some of the arsenels you folks have, I feel a little under armed :P

Posted Image

I've got is this, and the case of hollow point .50 rounds for it. Wouldn't have to shoot someone with it, could just club them to death with how big the bugger is.... Normally, I don't pack this around just in case any of you are worrying about it, for one, I don't think it possible to even apply for a CWP with this, as its a tad on the overkill side. What I do use it for is when I'm in bear country and there's no alternatives left, what its originally meant for.

Normally, a 10 millimeter clip loader with hollow point rounds will be effective enough for incapacitating someone, if I need to pull the number 500, I'm already in a serious world of hurt. However, that doesn't lessen my interest in owning the 50 caliber Desert Eagle, those things are an even bigger hand cannon.

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#82 OFFLINE   d3500ram


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Posted 24 July 2006 - 07:05 AM

Well I seen this post & read all the responses. Now for those of you that don't feel it necessary to pack here is what actually happened to my wife & I. We were camping on the oregon coast in a state park. We were on a hike on a trail around a lake when up from behind us walked a creepy looking guy that looked like he crawled out from under a rock. I'am a person that is in tune with my sourondings & I felt him comming up from behind. I turned around & here he was standing there like he was sizing us up. Well he was wearing a big buck knife on his belt. He still had it in the sheath. I ask him what he wanted & he said he needed some $$$. I told him we didn't have any on us & that he should panhandle somewhere else. He persisted that we had to have some $$ on us & wouldn't turn & go. By this time my wife was getting real nervous so I asked the guy to leave us alone. He said what are you going to do if I don't. I guess he had me sized up as an easy mark with my 5'6" frame & he stood about 6'2". Well I made the choice to pull my 40 cal Glock out from under my shirt & told him he beter just move on. I never seen a guy disapear so fast. Told a park ranger about the incounter when we got back to camp but never heard another thing about it. The ranger asked if I had a permit to carry & I showed it to him. Then he percieded to tell me that it was unlawful in state parks. I said so who is going to protect us on a trail? I for one am not going to rely on the authorities.

Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

WHAT! Your actions are outrageous! You should have called the authorities so that the justice system could have taken it's course in this matter. There are LAWS that will change this misdirected and misundestood young man once he is in the system. How dare you take matters into your own hands. There are laws that will protect you from such injustice. What makes you think that you are better than the authorities in protecting yourself! How dare you feel yourself to be so self rightous! (note to those who agree with the above caption...it is SARCASM!)

Glad that you are still here among us to relate this story! (insert 'thumbs- up' icon here)
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#83 OFFLINE   mtnman


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 08:50 AM

mtnman, I sure do like your style... would you consider going to my poker game with me as I need all the support I can get when the political debates arise... :unsure:

no gun on board but a Sharps 45/70 over the mantle...

Sure! Texas Hold 'em is my game but you have to promise to cover my loses... :lol:

Nice bear gun. Hope you never have to fire that thing indoors in an emergency....bye bye eardrums. I think I'll stick with .45 auto loaded with +P rounds. Plenty of energy, much less blast. :D

Heh, with the descriptions of some of the arsenels you folks have, I feel a little under armed :P

Posted Image

2006 Outfitter Apex 9.5
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#84 OFFLINE   btggraphix


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 09:20 AM

By the way, its refreshing to see people discussing this issue in an adult manner, its the sort of issue that usually gets very political and reactionary.

The talk on topic of handguns seems adult and interesting. The politics are only not degrading because most of us are avoiding commenting...I am having a tough time ignoring some comments like equating healthy economy with the price of toasters at Wallmart and the Bush being responsible for trying Ken Lay and liberals always wanting to force their belief on others more than the other way around....yikes!.....but I am doing my best. I thought this thread died a slow death but it keeps coming back!

I do not own a handgun; I own bear spray as my defense which I assume would have worked as well in TankerYankers situation, but I sure as heck don't want to eliminate gun ownership as a right of ours.
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#85 OFFLINE   cruizin54



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Posted 25 July 2006 - 11:22 AM

I'm with Tate on this one. I think the sound of a 12ga. pump shotgun 'locking and loading' is VERY distinctive. It is the sound someone will hear if they knock at my door after dark. I will then announce that I am armed and what can I help them with. I won't open the door.

Don't like the idea of only having one projectile. I'd rather have a nice pattern of bird shot come out.

While I really hate the thought of ever having to use it - I would never be able to live with myself if I went un-armed and something happened to Joan.

Yes - I was trained in properly handling firearms. 4 years in the USMC... Semper Fi!

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