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Mechanical shortstop

Posted by SF-SW , 01 June 2009 · 1084 views

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After purchasing a second Apollo registered in AZ with all smog removed I thought getting it ready to smog would be a cinch as I had my original smog legal the last time I used it, '03. At that time I blew the engine in PA and after breaking a leg replacing the engine in December in CT I didn't install the smog pump or supporting brackets.I thought I had brought everything bak with me but can't find any of it.
I got permit to take it to AZ as the seller had some additional parts there, I purchased it in CA as medical problems didn't allow the owners to drive it back. When I got back from AZ I starting changing the smog legal parts from my old one except when the pump or brackets was not found I found a number of brackets, including the one from the seller, none of them work with the smog pump. Running out of time before I leave for my 50th high school in ME I am focussing my attention on the TC for the trip.
Hopefully I will get a memory explosion that will allow me to locate the smog pump and connecting parts as I'm pretty sure I brought all back with me.
More JD therapy is needed today and hopefully that will stimulate the memory.

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