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Wireless camera & monitor for TC

Posted by PigPen , 26 September 2008 · 3440 views

After many attempts I finally came up with a wireless camera & monitor solution that actually works, and works very well. Both can be purchased on line.

The $99 backup camera system sold in Walmart & Costco does not work, plus the monitor is so small, its impractical

After 2 attempts, I found a suitable LCD monitor. This one allows me to select a reverse image so the driver & passenger side are the right way around. I bought it through this LINK. They were great, it arrived in less than 10 days. They are based in Saskatchewan, Canada, but no problem shipping to the US or Canada.

The wireless system needs to be 2.4 gig or you will have serious interference problems, if you get a picture at all. The small backup camera system they sell at Walmart does not cut it.

1.2 gig camera's are now illegal in the US, as that frequency has been taken over by the FAA, so it has to be 2.4 gig. I have found a 2.4 gig transmitter/receiver combo that works very well. It is made by Audiovox. Link or LINK or LINK or LINK. Alternatively, I found is THIS ONE (only $25). I have no reports of how good it is.

On update, I have found this well priced combo including a camera: LINK . From what I can tell however it appears to have to fit into a hole, rather than use a mounting bracket. not a good idea since you will not be able to aim it. I would order the camera separate for the same place as the monitor LINK (about $50)

If you hook the camera to the power at one of the riding lights, you can switch it on in the truck by driving with your parking lights on. In my case, I had the camper manufacturer cut a sizable hole behind the valence over the door to access power. The wall was thick & insulated so I am glad I had them do that, not me. I have the Audiovox transmitter module behind the valence. This is one less wall for the signal to the cab to penetrate. I had to cut off the RCA jacks & power feed from the camera, feed the wire through the wall then re solder them on again. This meant only drilling a small hole on the outside, which the wire passing through reseals.

I have a 2004 Silverado. In the case of this truck mounting was a snap. The camera comes with a dash mount. I used just the thin metal mount, put duct tape on the back to stop scratches, & found that it would slide behind the molding in front of the airbag disable switch very nicely. (That molding simply pulls out & you can slip it behind. No permanent attachment necessary)

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So the entire setup cost $250. I wasted $100 on a monitor that is of no use since it won't reverse the image, but I can use it inside direct off the camera at the back door.

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