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Posted by PigPen , 25 September 2008 · 1849 views

The 2010 Olympic committee has chosen the phrase "With Glowing Hearts: as the motto of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver-Whistler.

They quietly applied to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for trade-mark rights to the phrase �with glowing hearts� which is part of the well-known refrain in our national anthem O Canada: �With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true North strong and free.�

Our National Anthem Act declares both the words and the music of our national anthem to be in the public domain.

A question to my American Friends. How you you feel about an organization trying to copyright part of your national Anthem? Shoot them right? You bet.

Get me a gun.

BTW this is not the first time this Nazi Olympic Committee as struck. Last year they filed a cease & desist lawsuit against a Greek owned Vancouver restaurant who has been doing business as Olympic Pizza for the last 40 years.

Their lawyers also contacted about my website <a href="http://www.vancouver.hm" target="_blank">www.vancouver.hm</a> about my use of the phrase Vancouver 2010 in one spot on my site.

<!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>Trademark This, IOC & VANOC.</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

<img src="http://www.vancouver...emp/finger.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" />

Right on Pig Pen ! we'd shoot them, but not until they were drawn and quartered, but that's, Twixt the borders.
Thanks Bootz,

Rumor has it, Viagra is now going to copyright the rest of the phrase, "We see thee rise". LOL.
If these guys are touchie about others, it's paws off the anthum. Where are these baboons. I'd like to line my boot up with there rumps!!

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