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Trip To Bella Coola September 2008

Posted by PigPen , 20 September 2008 · 1582 views

Ric (& Joanne) & I just returned from our trip to Bella Coola on the mid BC coast. My wife, Terry, decided to opt out of this one after hearing stories about the hill. We did the run in on Hwy 24 from Williams Lake in one long day (425 km), including the dreaded "hill". The hill was not quite as bad as feared, but it was 16 km long, gravel, one lane & in some spots up to an 18% grade. I went down in 4 high & second gear & let the Allison tranny do the braking for me. I was more concerned on the return trip having had a camper slide back in the bed once before, but no issues this time. The worst part of this hill is the possibility of meeting someone coming the other way on a steep grade with no room to pass. The first photo below is the top of the hill. Note Pine beetle damage.

The hill

We camped at a campsite on the Bella Coola River at Hagensburg, just East o Bella Coola. Ric & I chartered a drift boat to salmon fish, but the river was still too high. Ric go one nice salmon, the guide & I got skunked.

The campground

On the River

Bella Coola is not much as you can see by the pictures below. Only maybe 1000 - 1500 people at most.

On our way back we camped for a couple of days at Nimpo Lake. Great fishing there. Sizable wild rainbow and we limited out. If you want to buy a nice resort complete with Motel, cabins & RV Park, there is one for sale for only $900,000. Lots of lake front. The lady there cannot handle it anymore, her husband deed (she was quite young). Too bad.

As you can see the weather was great. Around 22 C (73 F) in Bella Coola, In the teens (60's) on the plateau & around 30 (85 F) in Williams Lake.

/cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="cool.gif" /> This is one of my dreams to get up here I just have to get my wife to go to.

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