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Welcome to the Forum for the North American Truck Camper Owners Association (NATCOA) & the North American Truck Camper Caravan(NATCC). This forum's main purpose is to create dialogue between Camper Consumers & Manufacturers as well as a meeting place for NATCOA Club members. YOU do not have to be a NATCOA Member to participate, however there are sections of this forum only visible to NATCOA Members.

You can identify TC Manufacturers posting by this logo:

You can identify Aux Equipment Manufacturers posting by this logo:

You can identify Dealers posting by this logo:

You can identify Moderators by this logo:

You can identify Administrators by this logo:

Politics & Religion:

We have found from experience that these 2 topics cause issues so  technically they are not allowed. We give a certain amount of leeway as it is impossible sometimes not to include them, but it is up to the discretion of the moderators, how much will be permitted.

Other Stuff:

You may PM any other member.  You can edit your controls to make a warning pop up box appear or have a notification email sent to you.

Try to keep photos in your signature below 220 pixels on any one side. You cannot resize them in the forum. You will have to manipulate them in Paintshop or similar program first.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. These have been in evidence lately on Differences of opinion are valuable, but there is no reason to personally attack anyone over their opinion. Perpetrators will be warned, then any future posts will go to the moderator for approval before appearing. A member may be banned for a period of time if it continues. The same is true for any manufacturers trashing a competitor.

This forum is designed to provide honest & open opinions. However, if you want to make a strongly negative post about a manufacturer, please send a copy to admin first. It is only fair to take the issue up with the manufacturer before posting. Minor complaints are perfectly OK & most manufacturers realize their product is never perfect. Any posts about serious problems should be forwarded to myself or Bill Mathews (Admin-Mathews) first.

We are not wimping out, but we do not want to become the BBB of the TC industry. Minor complaints & design issues are valuable to the manufacturers, as it may point out innate problems in the their products. No manufacturer wants to produce a flawed product. If you can use this forum to help solve a complaint, all power to you, but we may draw the line at some point. If there are legal actions involved, the post will be removed.


There are two simple rules: No bashing the competition, & identify yourself to admin by Private message after registering. (Admin-Beddows or Admin-Mathews) I will change your status to Manufacturer & list you in the other thread below this one. Depending on whether you are a dealer, supplier or TC manufacturer, there is a a special symbol to identify you to others as such. You cannot upload your own avatar.

Manufacturers posing as ordinary members will be banned if they are caught.

If posters in your section put down competitors products, that is their opinion, do not encourage it. You may push your own product, even say it's the best, but do not put down a competitors product, yourself. You may criticise practises like aluminium framing, vent placement, but do not name competitors products if you do so. If you have something good to say about a competitor, go ahead.

Manufacturers can PM as many as 20 people at a time. you also have a bit more control over deleting & changing your own posts.

Company's that make equipment for TC's are also welcome.

This organization will not be a success without your participation. You may suffer some criticisms, but hopefully they will enable you to produce a better product that better suits the needs of your customers. All in all it should help you market your product & promote Truck campers as the best & most versatile form of RV.

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