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Sujet d'aide : Moderator-Function Move individual Post

Scenario 1 Move to another existing thread: Browse to the thread that you want the post moved to. Copy the URL of this thread (in the browser line) to the clipboard. Next return to the post in question & click the small checked box at the upper right of the post until it turns red. Next, go to the drop down box (marked Merge Posts) at the end of the thread & select "Move Posts" (you can move more than one). Press the "Move Selected button" & paste the URL you previously copied, into the box provided, and press the "move Posts" button. You're done.

Scenario 2 Move a post & start a new thread with it. Create a new thread in the area you want moved & give it a title. Copy & Paste the URL of your new post to the clipboard. Do the same as is described in the paragraph above to move the post in question. Go back & delete your original post & you now have a new thread with the moved post.



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