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Help Topic: E-Mailing other people on the Forum

NATCOA Members & Manufacturers may E-Mail up to 50 people in each 24 hour
period. E-Mails must be sent at least 1 minute apart. All others can send 5
E-Mails in a 24 hour period, 5 minutes apart. E-mail sending uses up resources
on the board & can make us look like spammers to some ISP's. This is why it is
restricted. Administrators have the ability to mass E-Mail everyone. If you need
a mass E-Mail sent out, please contact one of the administrators & they will
consider doing it for you.

What can Administrators see?

Please note that it is possible for administrators to read the E-Mails you send.
They are accessible in the administration area. We never ever do this!!! I would
not even tell you this, if we did. We will, however, retrieve one for either the
sender or recipient on request. We will also delete an E-Mail from our logs upon
request. For example if you say something via E-Mail, you feel may place you in
legal jeopardy if we are subpoenaed , we will delete all record of it, upon
request. (previous to that happening, of course) The function is there, mainly
to deal with spammers. PM's are more secure, if that concerns you. We can see
that a PM was sent, we have no way to read its content.

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